Shopping For Antique & Vintage Furnishings


Mixing antique and vintage items with your contemporary furnishings can add elegance, character and personality to your decor with an interesting eclectic vibe.

An antique must be 100 years old or older, while vintage items are over 20 years old. advises that any piece with provenance in good condition can be valuable. You can get good deals on pieces that need work, but keep in mind that restoration experts such as upholsterers are expensive.

Take time to train your eye to quality. Look for craftsmanship like dovetail joints on tables and dresser drawers. Wood should have a rich patina and not appear dry, cracked or stained. Tables and chairs shouldn’t wobble. China, crystal and silver should have service for at least six or eight, but you can find some missing pieces at or recommends looking at lamps for valuable finials such as bone, cinnabar, ivory, jade, or other rare materials. Fine linens can be found at Other places to look online for furniture and accessories include and

Sellers expect questions and to provide multiple photos online, so don’t hesitate to ask. Buy pieces that you love for years of enjoyment.