Set the Mood with Lighting

Set the Mood with Lighting

Every space in your home has multiple functions requiring different lighting.  Even within the same room, you’ll need multiple light sources to set the right mood for the time of day and the activities you have planned.

Lighting comes in five major categories:

General purpose – any lighting fixture that is plugged into an ordinary socket, such as lamps or overhead fixtures.

Decorative – any lighting where the bulb can be seen, such as a chandelier, bathroom strip lighting, pendant lighting or sconces.

Track or Recessed – lighting that is usually a floodlight or spotlight in tracks or recessed fixtures.

Specialty – unusual lights found in appliances or furniture such as cabinet lighting and appliance lighting.

Outdoor – lighting that is specially designed for use outdoors such as security lights, lamp post lights, porch or entry lights.

The key to mood lighting is temperature. Lighting is either cool or warm, so the bulb you choose can put out yellow, soft white, bright white or natural daylight. Smart bulbs connect to mobile devices to be turned on and off, dimmed or brightened, or color changed with an app.

Layering your lighting gives you more options. Overhead lighting on tracks, ceiling fans, or recessed lighting provides central lighting. Floor lamps or torchieres, uplights, and downlights can accent architectural features and art displays. Sconces add stylish indirect light anywhere you place them.

Be sure to check any fixture you buy for the manufacturer’s instructions on the type of bulb and maximum wattage allowed.