Rehoming Your Pet Humanely


You’ve been transferred. You can’t find a rental that allows pets, or the pet deposits are outlandishly high. A close relative passes away and leaves behind a beloved pet. For any number of reasons, you may find yourself facing the sad prospect of rehoming a pet dog or cat. Don’t despair; there are many ways to find a great home that will give your pet the quality of life you want for them.

First, document your pet’s life. Photos, videos, veterinarian records, registrations and a description of your pet’s personality, likes and dislikes. Make a scrapbook as a gift for your pet’s new owners. This will help showcase your pet to advantage, both online and in person.

Ask family and friends if they’re interested and to help spread the word that your pet will be available. Ask your veterinarian if you can advertise your pet on their bulletin board and website. Finding a new home, yourself allows you to learn about the family that wants your pet. partners with the Petco Foundation to guide you through finding a new home, including helping you create a profile for your pet, evaluate potential homes and providing a contract to finalize the adoption. The has a similar service that allows you to keep your pet at home until you find the right home.

You can always surrender your pet to a reputable rehoming center such as , where volunteers will take over to find your pet a new home.