Plans for Dallas 360 Global Logistics Park Wins Approval

On Apr 25, 2016
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The developers of the Dallas 360 Global Logistics Park have won their battle in court, with state District Judge Melody Wilkinson ruling that the company does not have to comply with state laws governing the redevelopment of golf courses. As such, the company can now move forward with its plans to develop an industrial park where the Great Southwest Golf Course was previously located in Grand Prairie.

Texas Golf Course Redevelopment Laws

In accordance with an obscure state law, the developer of the Dallas 360 Global Logistics Park was denied permits to begin the project. The law was put into place in an effort to protect the value of residential property located next to golf courses that are no longer in use. Clearly, restricting how this property is redeveloped is in the best interest of nearby homeowners, as some forms of redevelopment could be very undesirable and could lead to a significant drop in real estate value.

Not surprisingly, many of the residents of the neighboring Fairway Park were opposed to the new development. The Fairway Park development, which is home to 50 townhomes, was developed a decade after the golf course was opened. Many of the homes within the neighborhood back up to the course, but few of the homeowners realized that the land had been zoned as industrial.

After the developers were denied the necessary permits for the project, they sued the city in an attempt to move forward with the project. Judge Wilkinson heard testimony from the developers as well as city officials and residents who live along the property. Ultimately, Judge Wilkinson found that that the plot of land is not a subdivision golf course and, therefore, the statute did not apply to this case. Judge Wilkinson went on to approve the site plan application and the clearing/grubbing permit application that were pending with the city of Grand Prairie.

Developing the Dallas 360 Global Logistics Park

The 164-acre golf course that is slated for redevelopment is located just east of Texas 360 between Avenues J and K. Originally opened in 1965, the private golf course was closed on April first of this year. The new plans for the land call for the development of four buildings, though the developers have offered approximately 90 acres to be used as a public amenity. The developers have also offered additional land to the homeowners in an effort to create a landscape buffer between the residential development and the new Dallas 360 Global Logistics Park.

While residents of the Fairway Park development are understandably concerned about what the new Dallas 360 Global Logistics Park is going to bring to the neighborhood, the new development does offer the potential for bringing new jobs, services and amenities to North Texas.

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