On Jul 17, 2015
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A solution is underway for adding to the flood control ability of the Trinity River. While the plan is still in its early stages, the public-private partnership could lead to a new city amenity that serves a valuable purpose to the city and its residents.

Exploring the Water Gardens Proposal

To address flood control issues, Dallas city leaders and the Army Corps of Engineers may soon be considering a proposed boardwalk-like development known as the Water Gardens. If approved, the plan may involve placing the development along the Trinity River, which would be along the original path of the river before it was diverted from downtown Dallas. The development, which was conceived in The Connected City Design Challenge, would be integrated into the 60-acre site where The Rivers development that is already underway is located.

The Connected City Design Challenge pools design ideas from people and companies from throughout the city. The goal of the challenge is to revitalize the river as well as the city’s central business district.

Merging the Water Gardens with the High-Speed Rail Station

While there is certainly a need to implement another flood control method within the city, the proposed site for the Water Garden development is also currently being considered as the site for the proposed high-speed rail station. Currently, investment groups involved in The River development is studying the feasibility of using the site for the high-speed rail station. Until that project takes off, however, the investment group is overseeing the possible development of the Water Gardens.

If the proposed plan gets underway, it will provide an additional method of flood control while also cleaning water so it can be utilized. The proposed project would also include adding a new park to the city for residents to enjoy. The amenity could even include swimmable water made possible by processing the water through wetlands that are designed to clean the water with different plants.

To make Water Gardens a reality, the entire community will have to get behind its development. Already, the City of Dallas and the Dallas City Design Studio have provided their assistance to the project. So have the watershed, urban design and public works departments. The developers behind the project hope it will further help to spur neighborhood development on both sides of the river as it brings additional economic development and opportunities to the south side of the downtown area.

Whether or not the proposed Water Gardens project moves forward still remains to be seen. Either way, the city of Dallas and the surrounding North Texas cities and neighborhoods have experienced a great deal of development in recent years. With its strong economy and positive business climate, Texas continues to draw new companies and more people to the region.

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