Landscaping Tips: Kick Up the Curb Appeal

Nothing makes your home stand out like attractive landscaping.  It can make an average home really pop and add real curb appeal.  It’s also not something everyone is good at.  So to help your home turn some heads, here are some landscaping tips from that we think will make a big impact.


Use a Variety of Plants

Rather than use just one type of plant, choose a variety of plants that bloom at different times.  That way you will have color in your beds throughout the season.


Add a Berm

Consider creating berms in your yard.  Add dirt to an existing bed to create a mound.  Or, create a new bed and mound dirt up upon it.  Then you can plant flowers or other plants.  You can also place rocks or colored stones in your berm, as well.

Berms are perfect for breaking up a large yard.  They can also be used in the corners of a lawn to create new interest.


Create Curved Edging

Of all the landscaping tips we suggest, this one can really add “Wow!”  You seldom see straight lines in nature.  That’s why they don’t work well in landscaping.  If you want to create interest and appeal, edge your beds with serpentine lines.  Make the edging permanent, as well.  Then it will be there year round.


Use Evergreens for Year-Round Appeal

Would you like your landscaping to look green year round?  If so, then plant some evergreens.  These hardy shrubs keep their color throughout the year, creating interest during the gray days of winter.   You can also use evergreen plants to soften the front corners of your home, creating a cozier look.


Illuminate Focal Points

Do you really want to go to all of this work to create curb appeal only to have it disappear every night?  Of course not!  Add landscaping lights that illuminate your plants, sidewalks, steps and key focal points so they can be seen after the sun goes down.  Splash light on the corners of your home to add an accent and make it stand out in the dark.  Our landscaping tips wouldn’t be complete without this piece of advice.


Use Big Rocks

Want to turn some heads in the neighborhood toward your house? Then place a big rock in your yard!  Small boulders, smaller than your house but bigger than your pickup bed, make a statement!  If you place it in the middle of a large yard, it will also help break it up visually.  Not sure where to get a big rock?  Ask a landscaping professional.


These Landscaping Tips Won’t Blow Your Budget

Great looking landscaping can change the entire look of your home.  But it doesn’t have t be expensive.  With some planning and a little hard work, you can implement one of these tips in a weekend or two.   If your budget is tight, then do what you can afford to do this month.  Then, next month tackle another project.  In the end, you’ll be glad you did.  Increasing your curb appeal isn’t just about making a pretty home.  It can also attract potential buyers if you are looking to sell.




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