By: Meredith Hale


Selling your home? If you want to appeal to first-time homebuyers, you need to set your place apart from the competition. Here are some home updates to help appeal to millennial homebuyers.

Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996), are finally starting to join the homeowner club in significant numbers. So, chances are high you’ll be showing to members of that age group. There is also a good chance your buyer could be a single woman, one of the fastest-growing demographics among first-time homebuyers.

Texas is second only to Washington state in attracting millennials from other places. That means there’s also a good possibility your buyer will be a newcomer to the Lone Star State.

Pet Needs

According to the American Pet Products Association, more than 70% of millennials are pet owners, so your house must be pet-friendly. If you are looking to sell a single-family home with a backyard, be sure the fencing and gates are in good shape. It will be important to dog owners that the outdoor space has sturdy fencing and nice spots for a pooch to play and hang out. Also, a thick, green lawn will welcome people and pets alike. Take care to properly care for your lawn, which means watering, mowing, weeding, and fertilizing your lawn. Brown patches are a huge turnoff to prospective buyers.

If you’re in a multifamily dwelling like a condo or duplex that doesn’t have a fenced-in yard, no worries. Your place may appeal best to cat owners, people with small dogs, and those without pets. A few updates such as a fresh coat of paint and new bathroom fixtures will make your place feel safe and cozy will help it stand out in the market.

Patio or Deck

Today’s homeowner wants to be able to fire up the grill at a moment’s notice. A clean outdoor patio or deck is essential. If you don’t have time to put in a flower bed, surround the area with colorful potted plants. Make sure they can envision themselves enjoying the space.

Safety Measures

Security-related updates are great selling points to a young woman who plans to live alone. Tech gadgets like security cameras, strategically placed motion lights, door and window locks, and sensors are huge plusses. An easy-to-use modern alarm system can provide peace of mind.

Also repair any loose handrails, torn screens, chipped or cracked concrete or tiled areas inside and outside the home. If there is a fireplace, have it inspected by an expert for any issues that could pose a danger.

Green Touches

Pay special attention to the appearance of your kitchen and master bathroom. Consider adding a convenient system for storing recycling and compost bins in your kitchen. In these rooms, and throughout the house, a nice touch would be to replace all lightbulbs with energy-saving versions, and to install basic, inexpensive solar lights around outdoor walkways. Today’s homebuyer is looking for an eco-friendly house with low monthly energy bills.  Make sure your real estate agent points out all the energy-saving features. A few well placed healthy houseplants will also convey a sense of wellbeing. Some colorful potted plants outside the front door do the same.

Clean Walls

Remove all hanging decor, spackle and add a fresh coat of paint inside, and paint the front door as well to create an instant positive impression. Take a close look at the outdoor trim and consider a touch up if there are cracks or peeling spots. At the least, a power wash to remove dust and spider webs will brighten up the exterior.


Having the floors and windows professionally cleaned will give the home a sense of readiness for a new owner. Install a fresh air filter in the furnace/AC unit. If any places have a damp smell, containers of calcium chloride will help absorb extra moisture. Use WD-40 on any squeaky door or cabinet hinges, and be sure to take care of any pest problems like ants or wasps, before listing the home.


Need help selling your home? Reach out to one of our experienced PenFed Realty Texas agents in your area today. Good luck with your sale, and may your next home suit you to a T.


Meredith Hale is a gardening and landscape writer, and design addict. She has coordinated the design on many house flipping projects, admitting that her favorite part is creating inspired outdoor spaces.


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