Is a Panelized Home in North Texas Right for You?

On Jul 16, 2015
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Are you considering building a new home? As you go through the process of building a home, you will find that there are many different types of building options available. One of these options is a panelized home. To determine if a panelized home is the right option for you, it is beneficial to learn more about what this type of system has to offer as well as the pros and cons of a panelized home.

What is a Panelized Home?

A panelized home is home that was constructed with a panelized building system. While there are many different types of panelized building systems available, each process begins with constructing the primarily structural components within a climate-controlled facility. Each wall section is transformed from the raw material stage to a completed panel before it is sent to the home site for construction.

What are Benefits to Building a Panelized Home?

Since the panels used to build a panelized home are made within a climate-controlled environment, the final product is less likely to be damaged at the worksite. This is because all of the panels can be kept within the climate-controlled environment until they are all ready to be delivered to the home site. This also helps to complete the construction process in a timely manner because the panels can be put up in a matter of days after the frame has been built. This results in a weather-tight home that is more energy-efficient. This also helps to reduce delays due to weather, thereby helping to expedite the construction process while also keeping down costs.

Although panelized homes are constructed ahead of time inside a climate-controlled environment, you still have plenty of design options available. Whether you are interested in a modern, contemporary, traditional or rustic design, it can be achieved with a panelized building system. With the help of computer-assisted design programs, engineers and designers, you can complete a fully-customized design if you like. On the other hand, you may choose to go with one of the ready-made designs, which can help you save a significant amount of money on your new home.

In the past, pre-fabricated homes have earned a negative reputation. The technology used to pre-fabricate all or part of a home has improved significantly over the years. In fact, through the use of state-of-the-art technology, panels can be produced that are perfectly square and made to fit the proper dimensions. Furthermore, each person who works in a panelized factory is trained to do specific tasks, which means that person knows precisely how to complete that aspect of the home’s construction. This results in precision-made components that are built to meet local building codes. Even better, due to these advancements in technology, a quality-constructed panelized home does not appear any different from a traditional stick-built home.

Finally, if you are interested in building an eco-friendly home, a panelized home is a good option. Panelized building has received many green building certifications, including the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard. This is because factory assembly results in less waste of construction material, a more effective and efficient cleanup, and less disturbance of the jobsite.

Of course, even with the benefits that a panelized home has to offer, this may not be the route you wish to pursue. Whether you are interested in building a new home or finding the perfect Fort Worth home that is already on the market, give our team of knowledgeable real estate experts a call. We will be happy to help you find the right North Texas property to meet your needs and budget.

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