On Jun 9, 2015
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The Photographs Do Not Bend, or PDNB, Gallery is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special anniversary exhibition. Started on May 16th, the exhibit will run until July 11th. In celebrating its 20 years of existence, the special exhibit features highlights from the gallery’s last 20 years.

Originally opened in a small house on Routh Street in Uptown in 1995, the PDNB Gallery was started in an effort to draw more attention to photo-based art. While its first exhibits were a solo show for Joel-Peter Witkin and a group exhibition for Latin American Artists, artwork that has been exhibited in the gallery has ranged from works created in the early 20th century to modern-day artists. Artists featured in the exhibits include regional artists as well as artists who have been nationally and internationally recognized.

Photography Gallery Continues to Help Bring Art and Culture to Dallas

Over the years, the PDNB Gallery has grown significantly as it continues to make an impact on the Dallas art scene. Other art-based museums and organizations that sprouted after the development of the PDNB Gallery include The Dallas Museum of Art expansion, the opening of the Nasher Sculpture Center and the construction of the Rachofsky House. The number of Dallas art galleries also grew while the Dallas Art Fair became an internationally-recognized event. Ultimately, the Arts District was born, with the PDNB helping to bring this eclectic part of Dallas to life.

In the summer of 2006, the PDNB Gallery was moved 1202 Dragon Street. While the Routh Street location provided for an intimate space for exhibits, the new location offers the extra space needed to host larger exhibits and works. Since then, the gallery has continued to offer more extravagant exhibits while drawing in a broader range of artists.

The 20th Anniversary Exhibition at the PDNB Gallery features many works that have been borrowed from collectors as well as important works that have been a part of the galleries history. Among the works displayed is “Wife of Cain,” which was part of Joel-Peter Witkin’s exhibit when the gallery was first opened. The exhibit also includes work from Vik Muniz, who had a solo exhibit at the PDNB Gallery in 2001. A graphic photograph of Shelby Lee Adams’s “Napier’s Hog Killing” will also be on display. Adams drew one of the largest crowds to the gallery in its history. Similarly, Keith Carter, who has a sell-out show at the PDNB in 1997, will be represented in the special exhibit. Other artists highlighted in the exhibit include Chema Madoz, Keith Carter, Bill Owens, Esteban Pastorino, Marta Maria Perz Bravo, Jeffrey Silverthorne, George Krause, Delilah Montoya, John Albok and Misty Keasler.

In addition to the 20th Anniversary Exhibition, the gallery is also hosting a Michael Kenna exhibit until August 1st. Representing the fourth solo exhibition for Kenna, the show highlights the landscape artist’s photographs of France taken over the past several decades. While Kenna has works from around the world, his photos of France from the 1980’s were the works that brought him international attention. The exhibition will include some of these earlier works as well as newer pieces that have never been displayed for the public.

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